My first major music project, I recorded and distributed copies of Bounceback during my senior year of high school, a set of sixteen songs that are, with one exception, piano solos. In doing this project I acquired most of the recording equipment and skills that I actively use for my other projects today and it helped me to become more ambitious in pursuing composition. Some of the songs on this album were originally video game themes and will also be part of Trajectory, but in a different setting.

Of the original CD, I wrote:

“Bounceback contains not only my favorite piano compositions, but also my favorite compositions that can be arranged for performance on the piano. Most of the music I write is just for my own gratification; however, sometimes a piece is written in response to a major event in my life, giving it strong emotional significance. There are a few songs on this album that describe how I bounce back from the trials I experience. I’m grateful for the gift of music in my life because while I don’t believe I’d be lost without it, I’d certainly be fumbling much more.

The first eight pieces were originally written for various ensembles as video game themes, and can loop indefinitely. “Trajectory” is played with four hands on one piano. “The Unknown” is played by striking the strings of the piano directly with the fingertip. “Better Every Day” is played with a large pink eraser covering several black keys which are played together in the right hand. The remaining six pieces are normal piano solos.”

Gratitude to Jesse Foote, Photographer and Britny Arnett, Album Design

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