Simple Gifts (SA) (10 copies)


This arrangement is perfect for a young middle school choir. Your students will find the simple two-part harmonies and echoes very accessible and fun. About two and a half minutes long, the energetic piano part makes this song delightful.

This arrangement is written to include a class songwriting project – in the section from measure 52 to 72, take student suggestions for pairs of items they are grateful for (e.g. friends and family, cake and ice cream, etc.). You can also write an entire new verse as a class for m. 72 to 88, again filling in things you grateful for, following the format of the first verse (‘Tis a gift to ____, ’tis a gift _____), or just use the first verse lyrics again in this section. My own students were grateful for Chic Fil A sandwiches in this section. Please contact me if you would like additional suggestions for the songwriting activity.

Your purchase authorizes 10 copies for your group. If you will need more copies, please purchase them.

You can preview the score here

Duration: 2 minutes 40 seconds

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