Falling Into Starlight


This is a great piece for a 2nd year group and includes eight short solos for featuring different members of your ensemble! Squarely in the key of D major, with all standard 1st-position fingerings, the challenges lie in rhythm and texture. There are usually three independent layers, with a cool syncopated groove going through nearly the entire piece. Musicians will need to change quickly between arco and pizzicato techniques. It also uses a DS al Coda marking, so this is a great piece for exploring form as well. The piece follows standard ‘pop song’ form: ABABCB. The solos happen in two sections, each with four 1-2 measure solos. One set of solos is definitely harder than the other, but there are some very simple solos that may be a great confidence booster to some of your developing players. Parts for the solos are provided in all clefs. Please also feel free to allow students to write or improvise their own solos in place of the ones I’ve written. Some of my students also wrote lyrics to our ‘chorus’ – I would love to hear what yours can come up with. Have fun with this piece and let students get creative.

You can preview the score here

Duration: 2 minutes 50 seconds

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