• Fiddle On Down


      This is a fun, quick piece in an American Hoe-Down style. In the key of A major, it’s a good piece for focusing on G# intonation, as well as cut time rhythms. There are some small fiddle-y ornaments and some exciting dynamic contrasts. Definitely listen to some folk/fiddle music together as part of your study! The piece also has a…

    • Falling Into Starlight


      This is a great piece for a 2nd year group and includes eight short solos for featuring different members of your ensemble! Squarely in the key of D major, with all standard 1st-position fingerings, the challenges lie in rhythm and texture. There are usually three independent layers, with a cool syncopated groove going through nearly the entire piece. Musicians will…

    • The Gladiator


      This is a really fun piece that will challenge but be achievable at the end of the first year. Everything stays in standard 1st position fingerings with mostly stepwise motion with skips to open strings, though there are a few quicker notes to challenge the left hand. There’s a lot of interplay between the high and low voices, which gives…

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