• Away In A Manger Flute


      Enjoy this mash-up of Away In A Manger with I Need Thee Every Hour. Duration: 3 minutes Back to flute music

    • Bond Unbroken


      This piece is about journeys. It’s about moving on when one part of our lives comes to an end an another begins. As we go, some people stay with us – but others will exit the scene. Bond Unbroken is about the connection that we continue to have with those we have left behind, or that have left us. While they…

    • Dreamscape


      A short piece for the advanced-intermediate pianist, Dreamscape explores some of the contrasts that can be achieved on the piano, from the gentle, reflective opening in the upper register to the almost triumphant shift to the relative major in the middle section. The sweet melody invites reflection and contemplation. The performer should pedal freely throughout, paying close attention to the color…

    • I Cannot Live With You


      This piece uses most of the text from Emily Dickenson’s powerful poem about love, I Cannot Live With You. While the speaker clearly has affection for the individual she is talking about, she ultimately concludes that their love would be impossible. The poem is used by permission of Harvard University Press. Duration: 3 minutes 30 seconds (Singer: Maddy Hunter) Back…

    • Impressions on a Pale Lake


      This short piece is deeply pensive and introspective. It depicts someone sitting alone at the shore of a lake on a cool summer night, staring at the water and thinking. All has the appearance of quiet and calm, but the mind is alight with memory. He thinks of mistakes he has made, opportunities he passed up, and imagines a thousand…

    • O Come O Come Emmanuel Flutes


      This is my favorite piece in the collection, I really enjoyed doing this arrangement. Really powerful, effective arrival points. Duration: 3 minutes 40 seconds Back to flute music

    • Oh Shenandoah (SA) (10 copies)


      This arrangement is perfect for a young middle school choir – the two-part splits are very accessible. The beautiful melody provides a great opportunity for exploring some expression and phrase shaping. The piano part should be used to support the expressive qualities in the voices. This arrangement adapts the lyrics to refer to the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia and includes…

    • Penitence


      Penitence tells a story of prayer, anguish, and forgiveness. The subject is one who repeatedly tries and fails to overcome a self-destructive habit, but with the help of God they ultimately conquer.It holds a special place for me as the first of my compositions ever publicly performed, in a recital in 2014. Duration: 4 minutes Back to piano music

    • Song of the Spirits Over the Water


      This playful duet for two female singers is based on a poem by Goethe, translated by A. S. Kline. The music reflects the leaping, rushing, and streaming of the water described in the text. Duration: 3 minutes (Singers: Sarah Earl and Maddy Hunter) Back to voice music

    • Sunrise on Shrouded Mountains


      Sunrise on Shrouded Mountains was inspired by many mornings looking east towards the Wasatch Mountains while I lived in Utah. As the sun rises on foggy spring mornings, the day warms and brightens – yet not until the sun breaks the peak of the mountains is the valley truly light. As the fog burns away, the majesty of the mountain range…

    • The First Noel


      Somewhat less difficult than other Rising Action Piano arrangements, this piece is a reflective testimony to the birth of Christ. Duration: 3 minutes 50 seconds (midi demo only) Back to piano music

    • The First Noel Flute


      This one is sweet and simple. Duration: 2 minutes 20 seconds Back to flute music

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