Death By Wyvern (2020)

Death By Wyvern was an RPG being developed by Josh Arnett.

Abigail is a survivor, but she was not prepared when monsters burst through the sky and laid waste to her home. With the help of a peaceful cleric, an overzealous warrior, and a cultist gone rogue, she must keep herself alive and, maybe, thwart those responsible for unleashing the terrors that have driven everyone into hiding.

This game project was not completed, but you can listen to some of the music for the game on this Soundcloud playlist

Waves of Light (2019)

Waves of Light¬†was an RPG being developed by Red Panda Games. After regular sources of support disappear, a teenager’s struggles with depression take him to a whole new world where he must discover his true strength and identity. The game’s development has stalled and I’m no longer collaborating, but it was a fun project to be a part of for a summer.

You can listen to some of the game’s tracks at this Youtube playlist

Trajectory (2018)

Trajectory is a collection of 12 original sci-fi themed video game tracks. I first explored writing music for my own video games in 2010. Some of the tracks featured here are based on those early compositions. My favorite selections are Starfire, Entropy, and Xydonis.

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