Piano Solos

  • Hallelujah


    I started writing “Hallelujah” in December of 2018. At the time, Zach Griffin and I were regularly doing Four-Hand piano numbers together and we had talked about trying to make a full Christmas album the next year. I thought it would be good to have a couple original numbers for that set and this light melody was the result. I…

An original piano solo for Christmastime. (5:15)


A collection of 16 piano solos written from 2012-2015

  • Dreamscape


    A short piece for the advanced-intermediate pianist, Dreamscape explores some of the contrasts that can be achieved on the piano, from the gentle, reflective opening in the upper register to the almost triumphant shift to the relative major in the middle section. The sweet melody invites reflection and contemplation. The performer should pedal freely throughout, paying close attention to the color…

Reflective piece with a simple, beautiful melody. (2:15)

  • Bond Unbroken


    This piece is about journeys. It’s about moving on when one part of our lives comes to an end an another begins. As we go, some people stay with us – but others will exit the scene. Bond Unbroken is about the connection that we continue to have with those we have left behind, or that have left us. While they…

Bond Unbroken explores the connection between us and those that were a part of our past, or will be a part of our future. (4:00)

  • Penitence


    Penitence tells a story of prayer, anguish, and forgiveness. The subject is one who repeatedly tries and fails to overcome a self-destructive habit, but with the help of God they ultimately conquer.It holds a special place for me as the first of my compositions ever publicly performed, in a recital in 2014. Duration: 4 minutes Back to piano music

Penitence tells a story of prayer, anguish, and forgiveness. (4:00)

Sheet music to the other 13 Bounceback solos are available free here

Hymn Arrangements

  • O My Father


    Vibrant and energetic arrangement of this beloved hymn by James McGranahan. Be prepared for some challenging rhythms and frequent offbeats. Duration: 3 minutes 30 seconds Back to piano music

Energetic arrangement of this beloved hymn by James McGranahan. (3:30)

  • When I Am Baptized


    Slow and expressive arrangement of this favorite tune by Nita Dale Milner. I first wrote and performed this piece as a missionary in Hong Kong. Duration: 3 minutes 15 seconds Back to piano music

Slow and expressive arrangement of this melody by Nita Dale Milner. (3:15)

Slow and beautiful arrangement of this underappreciated melody. (3:35)

Sheet music to the rest of the Nearer My God To Thee collection is not available at this time, check back later! You can listen to the rest of the arrangements on various streaming services.

Four-Hand Piano

  • Angels We Have Heard On High


    This energetic arrangement was the first that Matt Arnett and Zachary Griffin performed as Rising Action Piano. Full of quick, short references to other Christmas favorites, it’s a difficult number but the fun is well worth it. Duration: 3 minutes 45 seconds (Matt Arnett and Zachary Griffin) Back to piano music

Energetic and full of quotes, the original Rising Action Piano duet. (3:45)

  • What Child Is This


    After a somewhat contemplative opening, this arrangement features an energetic 5/4 time signature that gives new life to a Christmas favorite. Duration: 4 minutes 50 seconds Back to piano music

This energetic arrangement is characterized by a 5/4 time signature. (4:50)

  • The First Noel


    Somewhat less difficult than other Rising Action Piano arrangements, this piece is a reflective testimony to the birth of Christ. Duration: 3 minutes 50 seconds (midi demo only) Back to piano music

A testimony to the birth of Christ. Easiest of the four-hand pieces. (3:50)

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